“A brand is defined by its brand image & its performance potential.”

Gerd Essl / Creative Director

For us, branding is more than just defining the classic four Ps and developing a communication strategy from them.

Above all, "branding" is the creation of a particularly valuable fifth P: passion. And this must be expressed in all facets of a brand.


“A good strategy needs one thing above all: a clear goal.”

Esther Beringer / Founder & CEO

The success of a communication strategy (a brand or a concept) is defined by the following essential factors: authenticity and durability.


Its basic orientation focusses on one thing: the essence of the brand.

The development of a solid strategy should therefore begin with a clear positioning. The objectives are derived from this. Confronting an unstable environment logically and with a clear orientation is essential for a good or superb result.


...unless you are simply in the right place at the right time and know the right people there ;)