musicpark is the new Musik-Erlebnismesse in Leipzig. 

The event for musicians, music lovers, trade visitors, and figures in the musical instruments and musical equipment industry (MI).

Brands and key players who enrich our everyday life with music introduce themselves here. From the artists and stars who have written or played well-known world hits, the experts in the industry who create true masterpieces and thus the instrument for playing, to the wide variety of ways to try it out for yourself and create those first notes:

musicpark is the place where music can be experienced.


Beringer marketing is a strategic partner and co-organiser of the event, which took place for the first time in autumn 2019.

The innovative concept of the event was initiated by Beringer marketing and developed together with the team at Leipziger Messe for a holistic event.

The success concept from Beringer Marketing "sweatbloodtears" – Legendary Camps and Box – is now an exclusive part of musicpark.

The soundproof sound booths, which offer a musical experience in a club atmosphere, have already been successfully used at various events.

Over 250 slots have already been celebrated in boxes #1 & #2 (Drum Camp & Guitar Camp). This includes stars such as Guthrie Govan (H.Zimmer), Mikkey Dee (Motörhead), Gary Wallis (Pink Floyd), Jen Majura & Will Hunt (Evanescence), Tom Longworth & Karl Brazil (Robbie Williams), and many more international and national superstars.

At musicpark, you will find the "sweatbloodtears" areas on the show floors:

SBT #1: Drums & Percussion | SBT #2: Guitars & Basses | SBT #3: Band & Orchestra | SBT #4: SE

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musicpark - Die Musik-Erlebnismesse